Vacuum-Up – the reality. Trickel Dow the lie

Author: Adrian Dore
Published Date: February 13, 2023
Word Count: 960

Title: The Reality of Vacuum-Up vs. the Lie of Trickle-Down

The concept of Trickle-Down economics has long been propagated as a means to benefit the majority by allowing the rich to accumulate wealth. However, this article argues that it is nothing more than a fallacy, and instead, the reality is a process of Vacuum-Up where the wealthy exploit vulnerabilities to accumulate wealth at the expense of the majority. This article exposes the deceptive nature of Trickle-Down economics and sheds light on the actual mechanisms at play.

Trickle-Down Fallacy:
The fallacy of Trickle-Down economics is based on the belief that allowing the rich to accumulate wealth will eventually benefit everyone through increased investment. However, this premise has been used to deceive the majority and justify the accumulation of wealth by the rich.

Vacuum-Up Reality:
The reality is that the wealthy exploit vulnerabilities created through neoliberal policies and rental businesses to accumulate wealth. This vacuum-up process is designed to extract every possible resource from the poor, rather than investing in the productive economy.

Hiding the Truth:
The rich hide the truth and mislead the majority by perpetuating the Trickle-Down narrative while benefiting from the Vacuum-Up process. This misdirection prevents people from understanding the root causes of their problems.

Creating Vulnerabilities:
Neoliberal policies weaken labor and suppress wages, resulting in a decline in real incomes. Simultaneously, governments reduce services in crucial sectors such as healthcare, education, social services, and unemployment support. These actions leave people more vulnerable and desperate, opening opportunities for exploitation.

Exploiting Vulnerabilities:
Exploitation occurs through various rental services, such as providing easy credit to compensate for lower wages, predatory lending practices, forcing people into lifelong renting, and profiting from online gambling. The rich capitalize on increased financial pressure and advertising hype to offer rental schemes for cars, furniture, electronics, and more.

Triad of Evil:
Free market economics, the rentier economy, and globalization form a Triad of Evil. Free market economics and the rentier economy disproportionately benefit the wealthy at the expense of the majority. Globalization exacerbates these issues by enabling exploitation on a global scale.

Reversing the Trend:
It is crucial to recognize that the promises made by proponents of free market economics have not been fulfilled. To protect the majority and the environment, increased taxation and regulation are necessary. Taxation on rental incomes should be raised to discourage investment in the rentier economy.

Trickle-Down economics is a lie that obscures the reality of the Vacuum-Up process, where the wealthy exploit vulnerabilities to accumulate wealth. By understanding the true nature of these processes, it becomes clear that increased taxation, regulation, and a shift away from the rentier economy are necessary to protect the majority and promote a fair and sustainable economic system.