Simple Interest Mortgage Advantage

Title: Unlocking the Benefits of the Simple Interest Mortgage: A Powerful Wealth-Building Tool


In the realm of mortgage products, there exists a hidden gem called the “Simple Interest Mortgage.” Savvy borrowers are increasingly turning to this unique financial tool to not only grow their wealth but also protect it. Clinton Sistrunk, a Mortgage Engineer at The Colorado Mortgage Team, personally understands the value of this product, as he has financed his own property with it. This article aims to shed light on the advantages of the Simple Interest Mortgage, highlighting its flexibility, liquidity, and potential for long-term financial planning.

Traditional Amortized Loans vs. Simple Interest Mortgage

Traditional amortized loans offer limited access to home equity, requiring refinancing or obtaining a second mortgage to tap into its value. Additionally, when making extra payments on a traditional loan, interest savings are not realized unless the loan is fully paid off. This is because interest is front-loaded, and each payment’s allocation towards interest and principal is predetermined. Even early payments do not result in interest savings.

In contrast, the Simple Interest Mortgage turns this conventional structure upside down. Interest is calculated daily, allowing for real-time interest savings when making early or extra payments. Moreover, this mortgage is combined with a checking account, ensuring constant liquidity of home equity, similar to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Idle funds in lower-yielding accounts, such as savings and checking, can be put to work by redirecting them towards the mortgage. This accelerates the payoff process and reduces the overall interest paid. Interest is calculated daily and added to the principal balance at the end of each month. Additionally, the absence of an escrow account enables homeowners to keep their money in the home, reducing the loan balance and saving interest until taxes and insurance payments are due annually. Each monthly payment only covers the interest, contributing to greater financial flexibility.

Insurance and Retirement Planning Benefits

The Simple Interest Mortgage also serves as a form of insurance during economic downturns. As long as there is sufficient equity in the property to cover the monthly interest payments, borrowers have the option to forgo making a payment in any given month without defaulting or incurring late payment penalties. This feature provides a safety net and a source of capital for emergencies, future needs (such as education expenses, medical bills, and taxes), and discretionary expenses (like vacations or purchasing vehicles). Since this is a 30-year loan, there is no need to qualify again to access the accumulated equity. Furthermore, it can even be utilized as a retirement planning tool, potentially serving as a flexible alternative to a reverse mortgage. As a variable rate loan, it adjusts with market rates, allowing borrowers to benefit from lower interest rates without the need to refinance.

Exploring the Simple Interest Mortgage

To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and risks associated with the Simple Interest Mortgage, interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for a one-on-one simulator presentation with a mortgage specialist well-versed in this product. This personalized session will showcase the true power of this mortgage, enabling borrowers to make informed decisions and determine its suitability for their families.

Embrace the Potential of the Simple Interest Mortgage

In conclusion, the Simple Interest Mortgage represents a remarkable opportunity to unlock the benefits of homeownership and enhance financial well-being. Its flexibility, liquidity, and potential as a retirement planning tool make it a powerful wealth-building instrument. By delving into the specifics of this mortgage product and consulting with experts, borrowers can harness its potential and make confident choices for their financial futures.

Your Mortgage Superhero,

Clinton Sistrunk